Wu style long form DVD

This DVD is packed with useful information on the art of Tai Chi.

produced and Performed by Ted Constant

warm ups


Tai Chi long form

Chi Kung

(Run time 57 minutes)

The Wu style long form is comprised of 118 movements. Filmed with digital cameras in front of a mirror one can see the form from different angles making it easier to follow along with. As the moves are performed. Ted gives step by step instruction and commentary of things to watch for as you learn the form.The names of each move also appear on the screen as they are performed.

Chi Kung breathing exercises are an excellent way to balance out your energy. With step by step instruction learn how to cultivate and send your vital energy where it is needed.

These Chi Kung exercises are filmed very clearly and are also easy to learn.

In addition I have included one of The most comprehensive set of Tai Chi exercises for optimal health.

These Tai Chi exercises date back thousands of years. Developed by Buddhist monks these exercises deal with the mental focus and the physical, spiritual well being. Giving one a complete exercise routine.

The routine is only fifteen minutes long and is filmed in front of a mirror so one can see the front and rear view. Making this DVD easy to follow along.

These are the exercises I teach my students Today.

"In more than 25 years of experience I find these exercises to be the most comprehensive and through, exercising every part of the body from literally head to toe"

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