Tai Chi Training and Education
Martial Arts History
Ted Constant    
1987 to present Tai Chi Chuan
  Autumn 1987  
The Peoples Republic Hall
1996 to 1997 Ju Jits Su
Original Yang Style (Master Lee)  
1994 to 1995 Muy Tai Kick Boxing
  1993 to 1996
1971 to 1993 Tae Kwon Do
  Seven Stars Club  
  Wu Style,Chi Kung Breathing Techniques ( Master I Leong)
Tai Chi Work Experience
  Peking Style ( Master Lee)
Full Time Sept 1995 to date
  Montreal, Quebec
Montreal Association for the Blind
Layton School (Autistic children)
  1996 to 1999
Gilda's Club (Cancer)
  The Tai Chi Center (Master Sergio Arione)
Monaco,Welsley,(Residence the elderly)
  Yang Style, Tsun kuen ma, Si san she(International Style)
Catherine Booth Hospital (Medical Staff)
  Low Hand Chi Kung (Philosophy classes)

Miggido,Metropolis,World Gym

(Health Clubs)

  Roxboro, Quebec
St. Andrews School ( Teachers)