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Welcome to the The Now and Zen Tai Chi School of Montreal. corporate training programs, which bring the Chinese art of Tai Chi to your workplace. Whether you're new to Tai Chi or an advanced student looking for championship-quality instruction, you'll find resources here that can help you choose the right class, start a Tai Chi class in your corporation, and learn how Tai Chi can improve your health, your mind, and your life.

"I offer a wide range of classes, seminars, and individual instruction programs,"

The Now and Zen Tai Chi School of Montreal can provide on site authentic Chinese Tai Chi training for your corporation. Tai Chi will produce a more relaxed and healthier work force. You can save money for your company by reducing absenteeism, turnovers, and insurance cost.

Tai Chi exercises the mind, not just the body. Concentration improves as the mind focuses exclusively on the movement, and distractions fall away. Practitioners move with greater ease and efficiency, both mentally and physically. Because you move more efficiently, you squander less energy on strain, so you have more energy to bring to bear on the challenges of the work day. Tai Chi reduces blood pressure, improves oxygen utilization, improves immune function, increases bone density, increases knee and ankle strength, flexibility, and range of motion, and reduces the levels of stress hormones during and after practice .Proven benefits Many of these effects are documented in elderly beginners practicing an abbreviated Tai Chi form for only a few months. If Tai Chi can have this effect on geriatric beginners, think of what it can do for someone who starts a few decades sooner.

Tai Chi can produce a healthier, more resilient workforce, reducing absenteeism, turnover, and insurance costs. The Now and Zen Tai Chi School of Montreal offers on site Tai Chi training for your corporation. With our Tai Chi training, employees can realize the following benefits: Relaxation, Improved Job Performance, Flexibility, Endurance, Stress Reduction, Dependability and Networking.

With our Tai Chi training, employee can realize the following benefits:

Improved Performance
Stress Reduction

Our Tai Chi training emphasizes improving flexibility and balance. A person can feel better regarding his/her body when it feels light and able to move about gracefully.

Using the traditional Tai Chi training methods, one learns to relax the whole body and the mind. Muscles will relax, joints will loosen up and the mind stays clear and focused

Improved job performance:
With a relaxed body, one can perform more efficiently. And with a clear and focused mind, one can concentrate on the task at hand or multitask with ease.
A physically fit body and a relaxed mind can help delay fatigue and burn out. Throughout the program, one will learn different exercises to strengthen the body and will.

One good way to develop teamwork is to do or learn something new together. Learning Tai Chi can help form new friendships and improve previous ones.
Healthy body = less sick leaves = ability to adhere to planned work schedule and to complete tasks on time.

Stress reduction:
Tai Chi is a proven exercise to help reduce stress, lower blood pressure and produce other health benefits. These benefits are documented by western medicine. Reducing stress can curtail stress related turnovers

. Click on the link below to view proven benefits of Tai Chi.

Proven benefits

Work experience

The Montreal Association for the Blind

Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals

Monkland Community Center

Migido Gym

Catherine Booth Hospital

Metropolis Gym

Layton Hall (autistic children)

St Andrews School

Monaco Seniors Residence

The Welsely Seniors Residence

Gilda's Club cancer patients

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