Tai Chi Training and Education


Master Ted Constant has been teaching Tai Chi & Qi Qong for over 25 years and has helped over a thousand people to improve their physical and mental health. 
People have overcome issues such as migraines, stress, chronic pain, asthma, fatigue, etc.
In 1989, he established the Now and Zen Tai Chi School of Montreal
where he continues to teach group and private classes. Ted has also organized and taught Tai Chi classes to employees of various corporations and private organizations, where he boosted productivity and decreased absenteeism.
Ted provided special Tai Chi workshops to cancer patients at Gilda’s Club,
the visually impaired at The Montreal Association for the Blind, and autistic children at Layton Hall.


Ted Constant (514) 482-3553

The Peoples Republic Hall (1987)

Original Yang Style
Peking form
London, England (Master Lee)

Seven Stars Club (1993)

Wu Style,
Chi Kung Breathing Techniques
Montreal, Canada (Master I Leong)

The Tai Chi Center (1996)

Yang Style, Tsun kuen ma,
Si san she (International Style)
LoHan Chi Kung (Philosophy classes)
Roxboro, Quebec (Master Sergio Arione)

Work experience

The Montreal Association for the Blind

Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals

Monkland Community Center

Miggido Gym

Catherine Booth Hospital

Metropolis Gym

Layton Hall (autistic children)

St Andrews School

Monaco Seniors Residence

The Welsely Seniors Residence

Gilda's Club cancer patients

The Now and Zen Tai Chi School of Montreal (since June 1989)