Peking style Tai Chi

This is the most commonly practiced style. Pacing is uniformly slow throughout the form, with no variation in speed during transitions. Continuity, without break or pause, is the key. The hand form is loose and open for the most part; fists are not clenched during punches.

The Peking form develops softness and strength at the same time.


Positioning Brush the Knee and push



  • Right bow stance
  • Body lean slightly
  • Right palm down
  • Left fingers nose high
  • Look over the Left fingers
  • Shoulders square to the front
  • Sink down into the hip joints

Knowing the static movement is good, but more important is knowing how to get from one movement to another. The transitional movements should be practiced with equal focus if not more.

The following is the Peking style with very basic instructions; it is used as a reminder for students who have already learned the set.

Peking style Tai Chi


Beginning movement:

Both arms float up then sink down with body



Part the wild horse mane:

Hold ball, step out then spread arms


White crane spreads its wings:

Cross wrists, lift up then open arms


Brush knee and push:

Raise arms, brush knee then push


Hand strums the lute:

Bring in then lift up with left arm


Step back and whirl arms:

Hold ball in front, step back then push


Grasp the birds tail (left):

Ward off, roll back, press then push


Grasp the birds tail (right):

Ward off, roll back, press then push


Single whip:

Circle arms, hook right then push with left palm


Wave hands as clouds:

Circle arms while stepping sideways to the left


Single whip:

Circle arms, hook right then push with left palm


High pat on horse:

Turn left palm, pull back and push with right palm


Kick with right heel:

Circle arms, open arms from the top and kick with right heel


Strike ears with both fists:

Palms dropping over right knee, step down with double fist


Turn and kick with right heel:

Turn body, open arms and kick with left heel


Push down and stand on left leg:

Drop on right leg then lift right arm and knee up


Push down and stand on right leg:

Drop on left leg then lift left arm and knee up


Work at shuttles on both sides:

Hold ball then block and push


Needle at sea bottom:

Circle arms then drop right arm between knees


Flash the arm:

Touch right wrist, lift up then push and pull


Turn, deflect , parry and punch:

Turn, circle right fist, left brush then right punch


Apparent close up:

Left palm under right elbow, open, close then push


Cross hands:

Open arms while turning, cross arms in front and stand up


Closing movement:

Turn palms down then drop arms to the side